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About Law Awareness Weeks @CDC 2018

Law Awareness Weeks (LAWs) @CDC is a collaboration between Law Society Pro Bono Services and the five Community Development Councils (CDCs), supported by the People's Association, National University of Singapore Faculty of Law, Singapore University of Social Sciences and Singapore Management University School of Law.


LAWs @CDC is a nationwide effort to promote awareness and understanding of the law in the community through a series of talks, so that Singaporeans may know their rights and be empowered when faced with common legal issues.  


LAWs @CDC 2018 will be launched on 15 September 2018, 2pm, at the Wisma Geylang SeraiThereafter, decentralised legal talks will be held nationwide across the five districts.


This year, LAWs @CDC will cover a range of topics that affect the day-to-day lives of Singaporeans, including Syariah Law, Community and Neighbour Disputes, Consumer Protection, Employment Rights, Advance Planning, Family Law, as well as Protection from Harassment. Specialist lawyers will give a presentation on the respective topics, followed by question-and-answer sessions where the audience will have the opportunity to clarify any doubts they may have on the law. Catered to audiences with no legal background, the legal talks aim to demystify legal jargon and explain the law as it applies to the man on the street.


Come join us to learn about your rights and how to handle basic legal issues. 


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Family Law

Understanding Syariah Law


Grappling with the divorce process as a Litigant-in-Person? Not sure which family member would benefit from your inheritance because you have difficulties understanding the Law on Muslim Inheritance?

Come join us and learn more about resolving family disputes amicably, from reconciliation to divorce proceedings (including custody of children, division of matrimonial assets) and how the Muslim Inheritance Law affects you.

Family Law

Resolving Family Disputes

Are you facing difficulties with your marriage and it is affecting your family life? Thinking of getting a divorce but worried about what would happen to your children and properties?


Learn about resolving family disputes amicably, from reconciliation to divorce proceedings (including custody of children, division of matrimonial assets, etc) and maintenance issues.

Employment Law

Know Your Rights as an Employee

A workplace should be a safe and comfortable environment.


But what happens if your father faces a dispute with his employer or is not treated fairly? Not sure what he can do? Wonder if he is covered under the Employment Act?


Learn about how the Employment Act protects his basic rights at the workplace, and how you can help him come forward for help should the need arise.


Community and Neighbour Disputes

Neighbours or Foes?

Do you have a neighbour who plays unbearably loud music late into the night causing sleepless nights for you and your family? Or one who monitors your family’s movement via his CCTV? Not sure what you and your family can do or where to get help? 

It’s never easy to live with a difficult neighbour, but fret not! Learn about the various ways to resolve the dispute or seek recourse, such as mediation at the Community Mediation Centre or filing a claim under the Community Disputes Resolution Act.

Protection from Harassment

Protect Yourself from Harassment


Feeling harassed or being stalked can be mentally and emotionally taxing and cause serious distress to your family life. Unfortunately, harassment and creepy stalkers are not confined to wild works of fiction – they exist and take place both in real life as well as online.

Learn what amounts to harassment and how the law can protect you and your loved ones from being the targets of such incidents, as well as the laws relating to defamation and nuisance.

Consumer Protection

Say "No" to Unfair Deals


Have you ever bought a product for the family that was defective but the seller refused to give you a refund or replace it?


Or felt that your elderly parents were unduly pressured into buying something that they have completely no use for, at an exorbitant price? Your wife signed up for a beauty package or gym membership but the service provider went bust?


Learn about their and your rights as a consumer, as well as the options available against an errant trader or dealer (such as reporting to CASE or filing a claim at the Small Claims Tribunal).

Internet and Cyberbullying

Dealing with Online Bullying


Know of a family member being cyberbullied? 

Cyberbullying is any kind of bullying or harassment that takes place online, from posting mean and untrue statements about another online to revealing embarrassing information about others. 

Cyberbullying may not take place face-to-face, but it can be worse than physical bullying! 

Come find out when comments on social media and forums may run foul of Singapore’s new laws on cyberbullying.


Understand what you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones against cyberbullies.

Advance Planning

Embracing Our Golden Years


Have a family member who avoids discussing end-of-life issues?


Death is a difficult topic to discuss with the family but avoiding such discussions about end-of life issues can inconvenience and even cause problems for your loved ones. 


By making their wishes known in advance and ensuring that their affairs will be in order even after their passing, they can put their mind at ease as they enjoy their golden years with their family.


Learn how you and your family can plan for your futures through various legal instruments, such as Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA), Advanced Medical Directives and Wills.


Our Speakers


Legal Awareness Talks

 Our Partners 

Law Awareness Weeks @CDC 2018 is brought to you by Law Society Pro Bono Services, in partnership with the People’s Association of Singapore and the five Community Development Councils.

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About Law Society Pro Bono Services


Law Society Pro Bono Services is an initiative by the Law Society of Singapore to help bring free legal assistance to those in need in our community. It is part of the Law Society's stated mission to ensure access to justice for all. 


Our work is supported by our volunteers who give generously and selflessly of their time and expertise for the needy in our community and financially by contributions from individual lawyers, law practices, private donations, foundations, corporations and key stakeholders such as the Ministry of Law, TOTE Board and various community partners.


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About the Community Development Councils


The Community Development Councils (CDCs) were established in 1997 to build a tightly-knit, compassionate and self-reliant community. The CDCs share the PA’s objectives of fostering community bonding and building social cohesion amongst the people of Singapore. They work closely with grassroots organisations, government agencies, voluntary welfare organisations and corporate partners to strengthen the social fabric of Singapore.


Through the CDCs, residents are able to forge strong community bonds, enabling the more able and successful to come forward to help the vulnerable in society. The five CDCs are Central Singapore CDC, North East CDC, North West CDC, South East CDC and South West CDC.


The CDCs' mission is to build a Caring and Cohesive Community, where we Assist the Needy, Bond the people, Connect the Community


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